General Groups and Individuals

Question: I can’t find an agency local to me, what are my options?
There are over 70 agencies taking part in Unlocked across the UK. You can search the map advertisingunlocked.co.uk/map-of-agencies/ to see which agency is closest to your location. You may have to go a little further afield to find an agency to visit. If there is no-one in visiting distance contact advertisingunlocked@ipa.co.uk and we will see if there is an agency near you who are not yet taking part but who may want to.

Question: How long will the sessions be at the open day?
This will vary depending on the agency you are visiting anywhere from 2-4 hours most likely.

Question: What will the sessions involve?
Each agency session is structured differently but on the whole you’ll be given information about the agency and their work, a detailed look into how an advertising campaign is made, how they choose where to advertise and how they measure success. You will be given a tour of the agency and you’ll be able to ask questions of several staff members you meet on the day. We hope the day will help you understand what kinds of jobs the industry offers and where you and your skills sets fit in.

Question: How many agencies can I book into on the day?
You could book two, but check the times of the sessions at your chosen agencies as each agency is running their days slightly differently. Your timings will have to be very precise to get from one to the other accounting for lunch and travel and start times.

Question: Do I need to do any preparation for the open day?
No, apart from planning your journey of how to get there. It may be helpful for you to look up the agency you are visiting and check out the work they are producing.

Question: Does it cost anything to attend an open day?
No. The advertising industry are opening their doors to you for free to give you an idea of the industry and inspire you to join them. You will however need to cover the cost of your travel to and from the agency.

Question: After the open day, how do I find out possible career opportunities or job openings in the advertising industry?
Whilst you’re visiting the agency, if you like them, ask about openings they have for work experience, internships, apprenticeships or entry level roles or ask for the relevant email address for you to keep in touch. After the day, visit advertisingunlocked.co.uk/applying/.


Question: How do I book a school/college/university group into an agency open day?

There are 3 options:
1. Search for an agency close to your school/college/uni and email the main contact to see if they have capacity for your group.
2. Email one of the partners listed – advertisingunlocked.co.uk/partners/
3. Email advertisingunlocked@ipa.co.uk stating the agency you would like to visit and your party size

Question: Will my group be partnered up with other groups?
It is possible, depending on size and number of bookings the agency has

Question: I’m a teacher. Do I have to accompany the group on their visit?
All college and uni groups with students under 18 years old must be accompanied by the appropriate ratio of adults to students.

Question: Is there somewhere for students to have their packed lunch?
Each agency has been asked to provide a space for lunch if your visit coincides with your timed lunch break


Question: How do I book myself onto an agency open day?
Visit advertisingunlocked.co.uk/visit-an-agency/, choose the agency you wish to visit and click on the booking link for that agency. You will be taken to a separate page to fill in your details.

Question: Will I be within a group or on my own?
Answer: Within a group of approx. 20 made up of other individual visitors and/or a college/uni group.

Question: I am under 18, do I need to be accompanied by an adult
If you are visiting as an individual and not with a school and you’re under 18 you must be accompanied by an adult. An accompanying adult counts as an additional booking and proof of ID will be asked for.

For agencies

Question: Do we need to be CRB checked to host open days of sixth form students?
No, as any student under 18 will be accompanied by a teacher

Question: Should we provide refreshments/lunch?
It’s not necessary but please be explicit with your group as to whether you will be providing lunch or not if your session runs over lunchtime. If you are not, please make it clear whether it is OK for them to bring lunch with them or whether there will be sufficient time to go and get lunch nearby. It would be good to offer tea/coffee/soft drinks and snacks when they are being presented to or at mid-morning and afternoon breaks if your session is lasting all day.

Question: How long should our sessions last?
Anywhere between 2 and 5 hours is advisable.

Question: What sort of activities should we lay on for the school students?
Please see our top tips for a great open day advertisingunlocked.co.uk/top-tips/

Question: Is there any follow up after the day?
We will be contacting you following the event to get your feedback on what went well and what could be improved.
We’re happy for you to gather contact details for your attendees but please make sure they are happy to be contacted after the day.
Please share a main contact for your attendees to get in touch with you afterwards also, so all enquiries are fielded through that person rather than calls to your reception.
The attendees can find out about wider vacancies in the industry after the day using our applying page on our website advertisingunlocked.co.uk/applying/

Question: How do I capture feedback during and after the day?
There will be a polling app that we would like you to ask all of your attendees to download and use at the end of your session. This will be for two questions only – ‘what did you most enjoy about the day’ and ‘would you consider pursuing a career in advertising’.

You may capture feedback throughout the day using Twitter with the hashtag #adunlocked, data capture forms or any other means you choose.
If you wish to contact your attendees afterwards to gather feedback about your specific session, please either ask them for their contact details, get them from your partner or the booking list on Hiive and make sure they have all given their permission for you to get in touch.

Question: I have plenty of capacity for more individuals to join my groups. What should I do?
Please contact one of our partners listed here advertisingunlocked.co.uk/partners/ who all have access to the perfect audience for your day.
You can also email advertisingunlocked@ipa.co.uk and we will work with you to find more attendees.

Question: Is Advertising Unlocked going to become a regular event?
Yes, we plan to run this event every year at around the same time. Which is why it is important to get feedback from both yourselves and your attendees after this year’s event so we can make next year’s even better.

Question: If I wanted to team up with another agency locally, can the IPA help?
Yes, you can find your closest participating agency by using the map on our website advertisingunlocked.co.uk/map-of-agencies/ and click through to the booking link to find the email address for the co-ordinator of that agency. We are happy for you to make direct contact or you can email advertisingunlocked@ipa.co.uk and we can make the introduction.

Question: Is there social media support / what comms are the IPA doing to help promote the event?
The IPA has a social media strategy to support the event – contact Rachael@ipa.co.uk to find out more. We are also have media partners in Facebook and Instagram who are targeting potential attendees and encouraging them to sign up via the website. We have created a promo video, which it would be great for you to share. This can be found in the Agency Toolkit on the website advertisingunlocked.co.uk/collateral/.

Question: What is the twitter hashtag?

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